Hi Everyone! Today I felt compelled to talk a bit about failure because lets face it, sometimes things just don't go the way we hope for.

I used to be part of a fail club until no so long ago. Where we got together every month or so to talk about our failure experiences. Being part of this group was quite a transformative experience for me. And one of the biggest takeaways from this was that failure is emotional. Which is why most of the time the experiences feel shitier than they actually are. But if we can acknowledge that failure is emotional, and acknowledge the emotion itself, we immediately start to make space to observe it from a more objective perspective. Was it actually that shitty or did it FEEL really shitty? And not always but majority of the time it's the latter. Seeing it this way always helps expose the "real failure" ie. "Actually If I just fix that line, and keep practicing, it will be better" vs "I'l never be good at anything!!"

Then there's also the negativity bias. We all have it. That no matter what, we naturally have a tendency to dwell on the negative aspect more than the positive. But like anything, learning to deal with failure is like training a muscle. It's acknowledging the emotion in every failure experience and separating the feeling of being a failure, to what the failure actually was. That's where it shifts from being a negative experience to a learning opportunity and create clarity for improvement.

And clarity for improvement needs to come from being aware of your own progress and where you are in your own process instead of comparing those to someonelses. When we can do that, we become less attached to the outcome, find joy in the little wins and trust our own pace and process as a result.

Hope you find this useful, as no matter where we are in life, we cant really avoid failure. We can only learn how to get better at processing them. Because while failure might be very emotional, if we aren't failing, we aren't growing.

So be kind to yourself, trust your own pace and process, learn from it and keep on doing what you love.

With lots of love and a massive splash of joy

Your creative curiosity advocate

Ps. If you feel like learning about and creating your own lil failure share and care group. Here is a link to the fail club I was part of. With some great reads and insights from the other members.

Duu... dudu. dududu. dudududu dududuuuu…

Hi everyone! So the last few weeks I have been in a worry wart funk. And the more I worried, the more I seemed to sandwich myself between a rock and a hard place. And the less I seemed to be getting done.

So here I was worrying and wracking my brains about what to write about in this blog. I usually like to write about my most recent experiences with stuff. But lately it seems like the speed of experiences is much faster than the brains ability to make sense of it..

So as I stare into the void of my computer screen, I hear a soft tune floating in through the window, from somewhere in the distance.. duu... dudu. dududu. dudududu dududuuuu… dududu dududuuuu…. dududududuuuu. And suddenly the stress started to melt away.

In case you strangely can’t make out what tune that is by reading it. It is the intro to the song ‘Don’t worry, Be happy’ by Bobby McFerrin. So I think for this blog. I would just like to share with you all, the awesomeness that is this song.


If you are feeling stressed at any point, you know what to hum… ;) Sometimes it helps.

With lots of love and a massive splash of joy

Your creative curiosity advocate


Hi Everyone! 2016 is coming to a wrap and soon we will be in our New Years Resolution mode! If we aren’t there already! This year has been a frikin rollercoaster. Sometimes in a good way and sometimes in a constant state of hangry and overwhelm kinda way.

I contemplated how I wanted my 2017 to shape up for me. So I started making that good ol list of goals. Because that’s what you are meant to do right? Make a list? But sometimes it feels like you are making a list for the sake of making a list.. My list was getting pretty long and triggering anxiety really quickly.

So as you do sometimes to escape your feelings.. You go on Facebook.. And there I saw a good friend put this question up on her status. “What is your one positive word for 2017 that starts with the third letter of your name?” I love these sort of questions cause I am a chronic over thinker and ruminator. These word limitations and in this case letter limitation, really help me cut to the chase to a word that deeply resonates with how I want my New Year to FEEL.

REWARDING. That’s how I want it to feel. That is my positive intention for the New Year.

I use it to remind myself that this can be a perspective or feeling I choose. That no matter what I am working on or how things end up, it will all be rewarding in many ways than I can anticipate. I still have a list but my list now feels a lot more exciting, authentic and connected to me alongside my big word.

So if you find yourself being drawn to one word solutions like me. Here are some questions to start with, from clear ones to ones that are a bit more obscure.

• What is one word that sums up your Intention or desire for the New Year?
• What is your one positive word for 2017 that starts with the third letter of your name?
• If you aspired to be a verb what verb would you be?

Happy Holidays everyone. Hope it brings many positive feels for you.

With Love and a massive splash of joy

Your Creative Curiosity Advocate. 

Ps. If you like the idea of setting goals with few words and a lot more feels. Definitely check out Danielle Laporte’s The Desire Map – A guide to creating goals with soul. It is the best! And has worksheets and everything!