Our Story

Curiously Creative emerges from the creative curiosities of Akriti Rana Li, who’s multi-passionate and multi-disciplined relationship with creativity has lead her today to be designer, dancer, creative thinker and artist. Curiously Creative is centred around the belief that the way to a healthier and happier society is through having a positive and value oriented relationship with creativity. We aim to reflect this in our podcast conversations, lovingly created products, thought provoking blogs and in donating to the ‘I have a dream’ foundation with each purchase. We love creativity and inspiring people to follow their own creative curiosities. We hope that we bring you a bit of joy and inspiration with everything we do, so that you can fall in love with creativity too!


Our Artworks

All our artworks are created by Akriti Rana Li. They use a combination of processes which we think bridge crafty charm with practicality and versatility. The artworks are created by merging hand drawing, fabric textures, fabric patterns, digital illustration and collage. This process helps create beautiful and incredibly unique end products.

Check out our gallery of works here


Our Products

Our range of products come in a variety of designs and formats for people, kids, home and more! Specifically, they include digital art prints, greeting cards, tote bags, cushion covers and baby clothes. All our items are made with lots of love, care and attention to detail. They are all proudly made and assembled in NZ by collaborating with local businesses.

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Our Services

• Custom made artworks and commission work
• Facilitating discussions and interviews on creativity
• Public and motivational speaking on navigating the creative process.

We always welcome new inspiration! So for any other special requests, ideas, and opportunities, please do get in touch with us here