Hi everyone! Welcome to blog#3! Today I share one of my experiences with the ‘P’ word. One of the biggest buzzwords, and also a word of dread. That word. PURPOSE. 

In the midst of figuring out what my thing was, I got invited to a wonderful workshop organised by my lovely friend Keri Clarke and her mentor Peleg Top. As we were wrapping up the session, Peleg asked us this “What question do you have, that if you had the answer to, it would change your life? “ and ofcourse you can guess what I asked! “WHAT IS MY PURPOSE!??” Peleg then asked me what I THOUGHT my purpose was. In that moment of pressure, without even knowing what it meant yet, I blurted out 2 words that came to mind. And that was Joy and Healing.

Peleg’s next response was something so simple, organic and clear in its nature that it shifted everything for us all.

He said “I think we all share a common purpose, but that purpose gets articulated differently from person to person based on each of our talents, gifts and who we are. Our soul. But at the core, we all share a similar purpose, and that in my opinion is to love. My purpose it to love. How I do it, is unique to me based on my experiences. If your purpose is to love and you want to do it through bringing people joy and healing, that is awesome. What does that look like specifically for you? Are you actually practicing that in everything that you do? If that is a purpose you can connect to, what does a purpose of love mean to you and look like for you?


This gave me immense relief, immediate clarity and reassurance.

Immense relief, because it turned out I already have a purpose. It was simply to love through joy and healing. I did not really need to quantify, explain or write a bio beyond that.

Immediate clarity, because based on how I identified with that purpose, I was able to look at the various things I had going and filter them through what allowed me to experience and share more love, joy and healing. It gave me the courage to let go of things and narrowed down my list very quickly.

Reassurance, that it was okay to change direction and I don’t have to figure out or nail a career to practice that purpose. I could be practicing it in all aspects of my life. In the way I honour and look after myself, figure out what’s important to me, improve my relationships, improve my conversations, interact with strangers. Pretty much how I show up to everything I do. Easier said then done right! ;) Definitely the work of a lifetime!

So really things that I learnt and have to keep reminding myself of every now and again is that:

1. My purpose can be just a word or two or a feeling. Does not have to be a well executed bio.
2. My purpose doesn’t have to be unique to me but is unique to how I practice it
3. There is ultimately only one purpose. To see, and do from a place of love.
4. Overthinking is not my friend!
5. Spontaneous moments of combustion = Clarity!

So what does operating from a place of love look and feel like for you?

With love, light and a massive splash of joy

Creative Curiosity Advocate

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