Hi Everyone,

A very happy new year to you all! It might feel a bit late but the Curiously Creative year of 2019 is just starting back now as I have be travelling and taking time off to reacquaint myself with myself. Travelling always helps me regain perspective, passion, inspiration and mostly clarity in many areas of life. And this trip was no exception. I saw so much skill, passion, creativity and a new found awareness of what your potential can be.

I was especially touched by old heritage buildings and architecture. Buildings that stand the test of time, last for centuries, inspire and warrant appreciation from people and generations well beyond its times.

They made me think.

What is it about these buildings that are chosen to be preserved, to continue enjoying, to be repurposed, all whilst maintaining its original integrity?

Solemn shrines that invoke a culture of gratitude and respect.
Marine office buildings, a heritage site and home to modern art and products.
The embellishing outside windows of old prison cells.
A braille plan for blind guests to navigate the art gallery. Making it more accessible.

It all seemed to filter down to one big takeaway.

Taking pride in the work...

That regardless of the motivation or intention behind these creations, they are treasured because they are unique, and they are unique because there was so much pride and care taken in to crafting and designing them. The people, stories, and creations were all a reflection of just that.

So what does it mean to have pride in your work though I wondered. I think for me it means

To have ambition
To stretch yourself
To work hard
To care
To have vision
And most of all to practice patience

With a trust and knowingness that it matters and it will matter. For you, for others, over time, forever, always. What ever the season, What ever the times. When you take pride in your work, you push yourself automatically, not because you feel you should but because you feel called to do so. It becomes a reflex. And pushing yourself with the right intention is a reflex that gets easier with practice. With such a fast paced world obsessed with a particular idea of success that views slow growth as failure, it seems so refreshing to allow yourself the time to imagine your potential from from a wider lens. I heard this quote in one of the galleries I visited:

“The idea that objects outlive humans. Look at one thing at a time, look at them slowly.“

I wonder what the objects we create would look like if we took that mindset. Would we perhaps create more things of value?


I'm curious.

What does taking pride in your work mean to you? And how would you do things differently if you were to look at things slowly and creating things knowing that they could outlive you.

With lots of love and a massive splash of joy
Your creative curiosity advocate.