Happy New Year Everyone!! As we all know, the New Year brings our attention back to goals goals goals and more goals. New ones for the new year or revising ones from the past. 

In the past making goals has been a fairly straight forward experience for me. However this time round, for whatever reason, I have struggled to identify what my goals are for this year. The last few weeks have been rife with confusion and indecision about what I actually want. Obviously then my New Year is doomed, because if I don't know what I want then neither I nor the universe can conspire to help me get it right..!?

Then I hear this from Robin Sharma:

"Confusion is nothing more than growth unfolding"

This was an aha moment for me, where I realised that actually the nature of confusion is very similar to failure. Confusion, just like failure is considered a negative thing. But if we look at confusion similar to failure, though a lense on growth, its much easier to be kind and compassionate towards ourselves and our process.

We spend so much of our time worrying and thinking about what the right decision is or what the next best step is, especially when our options and choices are abundant. Though often, thinking just amplifies our fears and doubts.

At the end of the day, as my favourite expression by Marie Forleo states: "Clarity comes from engagement not thought". This is especially true as I look back on all the things I did achieve and the many more things that I thought I would achieve but didn't. Or how often theoretically an idea seemed good but when I engaged with it I realised the gaps. Clarity comes form engaging whole heartedly in what you are experiencing. This includes engaging fully in your confusion just as much as acting on it. 

This has given me a whole another understanding of trusting, engaging and being aware of the process. A new way of relating to that expression, its the journey not the destination. As it is the journey that is always the memorable part, and the destination is always evolving.

So here's to a 2018. Even if you don't know what you want for it, because you know what, as you engage with it, it will get clearer. And you will figure it out.

"The only way to have the experience is to have the experience" - Seth Godin.

With Lots of love and a massive splash of joy
Your creative curiosity advocate.