Hi everyone! Here goes blog number 2! It feels surreal that it has been already and also only a month since we sprouted! Today, I talk a bit more about how curiously creative came to be. In particular, how the name came to be. I would love to say it was a sophisticated, magical process with visits from Yoda. Instead it came from a frustrating, shameful, annoying, anger inducing, and flailing process!

I mention in the last blog, (and probably will in every blog here forth) that I am a lover of many things. I am a designer, dancer, teacher and creative thinker for a lot of things. And I LOVE all of them! Trying to choose one thing was like being told you could either be a sister or a friend, mum or a wife, potayto potahto!! A part of me knew that I just needed to follow my curiosity(s) and that would help me. But then the other part wanted to scream, WHICH CURIOSITY DO I FOLLOW FIRST!!??

You can imagine how this demoralizing dilemma would carry forward when being unemployed and looking for work. And as you sometimes feel when looking for work, is that you should go to networking events. I absolutely DREADED going to these and being asked what I did. Uh~ I’m kind of a graphic designer and a vintage jazz dancer and teacher… also an information designer… and no that is not I.T… Moving on… I am also kind of a service designer...  improving services with blah blah blah... Oh I was a university lecturer too. Instead, what I REALLY wanted to say was that I have been doing bird illustrations lately and flippin stoked I just finished a fabulous cat!!!?

Then one day.. I got asked to write my bio! Everything I am in 100 words or less. CRAP! What do I write!!? Unemployed, passionately confused, stoked about cat illustration!? Umm. Yeah. That is not going to cut it.

I remember talking to my husband about my insecurity on how to best describe myself. After what felt like gazillion versions of glorified lies written in different sentence structures, I had a hissy fit! Deleted all my drafts exclaiming, “you know what! I am curiously creative! There!“ Snapped the laptop shut and went to bed angry with myself, and my husband for not telling me who I should be.

To my surprise, the next day, as I calmly voiced it out loud, curiously creative felt right. It felt honest. It felt like me. From there, the bio wrote itself in 5 minutes. The more I used it, the more attached I got to it and the more it felt like my home.

What I got from this experience, was that sometimes allowing yourself to feel everything you feel, the anger, the shame, the frustration, can reveal more clarity and truth then trying to pretend to feel what you think you should be feeling. Secondly, rather then trying to be defined by what you do or did, really thinking about who we are and where we are right now.

In my case, no matter what curiously creative looks like in 1 month, 6months or 10 years, I know I will always be curious and always be creative.

BEHOLD! An ode to Curiously Creative! A wonderful crime of passionate frustration!  

With love, light and a massive splash of joy

Creative Curiosity Advocate