Hi everyone! Okay, so wonder woman might be so last season at this stage but I'm still working on what I learnt from my favourite scene in it. It was when she is at the train station and sees an ice cream vendor and cart and tastes ice cream from him for the first time. To which her response is:

"This is amazing! you should be so proud"

and I was like, YES!

We take so much of our experiences for granted. Pride in our work shouldn't be reserved for just the big things. There are so many little things that we get through everyday that qualify as progress too.

I have been so focused on what hasn't been done that I lost sight of how far I had already come. So now when doubt of whether I have done enough or been enough creeps up, I just ask myself, "Did I make progress?" And the answer is always yes! Even if it looked different to where you thought you would be.

And then go grab a bowl of ice cream and marvel at its invention! Because seriously, life without ice cream would be pretty shit.

With lots of love and a massive splash of joy

Your creative curiosity advocate




Hi Everyone! Here goes blog #4. I am loving counting these blogs. Especially, as until now I have never blogged anything in my life! So with every blog I get out, it’s a “Yay! I made it through another one!” This feeling of counting and making it through another piece of work has carried over in a project I have been working on for the last 80 days! The 100 days project. It’s a project where you consistently participate in and document a creative activity for 100 days. Its open to anyone for all kinds of projects! And I have made it to day 80 now!! Woop Woop!!

It is something I have wanted to do for many years but lets face it, the idea of creating something everyday for 100 days is pretty frikin daunting. I think this time it actually manifested because the idea was simple and easily manageable. So what was the idea? If you have been following my blog posts so far, you might be aware that I am an Elizabeth Gilbert fan girl! She does these amazing podcast series called magic lessons. These are the bomb! I highly recommend them for everybody! In one of the episodes she features an incredibly eloquent poet Mark Nepo. Something he says in this episode just blew my mind and stuck to me like sweet sugary goodness! He said:

“ We often get told be a noun, but the vitality of life is in staying a verb”

MMMMMHHHMMMM. PREACH! We are so conditioned to identify our self in labels, when really, life is about staying in action. I wonder what our thoughts, actions, conversations with ourselves and others would look like if instead of aspiring to become for eg. a designer. We aspired to express, to create, to heal, to inspire. The possibilities from this would be so much more exciting! So I started asking different people this question. “If you aspired to be a verb, what verb would that be?” Then I would document and present those verbs as beautifully as possible everyday for 100 days. You can check them out at

Now I must admit this still wasn’t as simple as I thought it would be initially. Collecting 100 verbs from 100 actual people is a mission in itself. We are so not used to thinking of ourselves in verbs that it took most of us aaages to think of one or two or 3. So while 80% of the verbs so far are based on real people answers, some are just randomly picked verbs that I liked. Oh well, whatever! They are still verbs right!? If I treated it like an exact science I wouldn’t have made it to day 80. This is where having to just get on with whatever I had and not being a perfectionist about it was the biggest creative lesson for me. Like our girl Elizabeth Gilbert puts it “Done is better then good”

If you don’t think you will get the chance to listen to the magic lesson episode with Elizabeth gilbert and Mark Nepo. I will leave you with these beautiful words of his.

“Keep doing what brings you alive. The best we can do is cast seeds. You wont know which ones are going to sprout, which ones will have rain come on them, sun come on them, but just to get back to work. The work is staying in conversation with the sanctity of life. Immerse yourself wholeheartedly. Not from a space from doing excellent work. Be devoted to keep growing. It hears not to be heard and not to be seen and more deadly to not to hear and see."

With Love and a massive splash of joy

Your Creative Curiosity Advocate. 

Ps. We do still have 20 days left! So if there are any verbs you would like to see for your own pinboard, that aren’t already up. Just post a comment under the facebook post and I will try my best to include them. Heres is the link for them.

Pps. Below is that inspiring podcast I mentioned above. 
- Magic Lessons Ep. 204: "Who Gets To Decide Whether You're A Legitimate Artist?" featuring Mark Nepo





Hi everyone! Here goes blog number 2! It feels surreal that it has been already and also only a month since we sprouted! Today, I talk a bit more about how curiously creative came to be. In particular, how the name came to be. I would love to say it was a sophisticated, magical process with visits from Yoda. Instead it came from a frustrating, shameful, annoying, anger inducing, and flailing process!

I mention in the last blog, (and probably will in every blog here forth) that I am a lover of many things. I am a designer, dancer, teacher and creative thinker for a lot of things. And I LOVE all of them! Trying to choose one thing was like being told you could either be a sister or a friend, mum or a wife, potayto potahto!! A part of me knew that I just needed to follow my curiosity(s) and that would help me. But then the other part wanted to scream, WHICH CURIOSITY DO I FOLLOW FIRST!!??

You can imagine how this demoralizing dilemma would carry forward when being unemployed and looking for work. And as you sometimes feel when looking for work, is that you should go to networking events. I absolutely DREADED going to these and being asked what I did. Uh~ I’m kind of a graphic designer and a vintage jazz dancer and teacher… also an information designer… and no that is not I.T… Moving on… I am also kind of a service designer...  improving services with blah blah blah... Oh I was a university lecturer too. Instead, what I REALLY wanted to say was that I have been doing bird illustrations lately and flippin stoked I just finished a fabulous cat!!!?

Then one day.. I got asked to write my bio! Everything I am in 100 words or less. CRAP! What do I write!!? Unemployed, passionately confused, stoked about cat illustration!? Umm. Yeah. That is not going to cut it.

I remember talking to my husband about my insecurity on how to best describe myself. After what felt like gazillion versions of glorified lies written in different sentence structures, I had a hissy fit! Deleted all my drafts exclaiming, “you know what! I am curiously creative! There!“ Snapped the laptop shut and went to bed angry with myself, and my husband for not telling me who I should be.

To my surprise, the next day, as I calmly voiced it out loud, curiously creative felt right. It felt honest. It felt like me. From there, the bio wrote itself in 5 minutes. The more I used it, the more attached I got to it and the more it felt like my home.

What I got from this experience, was that sometimes allowing yourself to feel everything you feel, the anger, the shame, the frustration, can reveal more clarity and truth then trying to pretend to feel what you think you should be feeling. Secondly, rather then trying to be defined by what you do or did, really thinking about who we are and where we are right now.

In my case, no matter what curiously creative looks like in 1 month, 6months or 10 years, I know I will always be curious and always be creative.

BEHOLD! An ode to Curiously Creative! A wonderful crime of passionate frustration!  

With love, light and a massive splash of joy

Creative Curiosity Advocate