Se. 1, Ep.10: SYLVIA SYKES. Swing Dancer, Instructor & Judge.


Sylvia Sykes is a swing dancer, instructor, judge, and choreographer. She is one of the most widely recognized and respected swing dance instructors in the world. A member of the National Swing Dance Hall of Fame, and co-founder of the International Lindy Hop Championships. Sylvia has been dancing since 1966, competing and teaching since the 70’s and has won many awards in that time. Having studied with many of the dance greats like Frankie Manning, Dean Collins and Maxie Dorf. Sylvia’s unparalleled expertise and passion for the dance has made her a celebrated international instructor and the most sought-after head judge for competitions. Amongst many things we chat about failure and the value of making new and improved mistakes, finding joy and fulfilment from the process, dealing with burn out and navigating through competitions in the arts arena.