Se. 2, Ep.7: Urzila Carlson. Comedian, Actor & Writer


Urzila Carlson is one of the most hilarious and prominent comedians based in New Zealand. Having entered the comedy world much later in life by “accident”, she now regularly performs and tours all around the world, and appears in many tv shows both in New Zealand and Australia. She has racked up many many awards for her stand-up comedy. Such as the best female comedian for multiple years at the NZ Comedy Guild Awards and many more. She is also the author of her memoir ‘Rolling with the Punchlines’ and appearing in Netflix’s ‘comedians of the world’. Amongst many things we talk about the power of humour for building human connection and communication, the value of fast feedback in resolving content, curating content for writing versus speaking , the pay off of failure and how showering, brushing your hair and putting on a good bra can induce productivity. ;)